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CWD Laundry Equipment, LLC provides laundry management service for apartment complexes, camp grounds, RV parks, mobile home complexes, college dorms, condominiums, hotel guest laundries, and more.  We place coin-operated or card- operated machines into your laundry rooms, providing service and management.  There are three packages available for you to choose from.  At CWD, we understand the importance of the Laundry room for you, both as an amenity for your residents and as a profit center for you.  Our goal is to run the facility with clean, efficient and attractive machines that will keep your residents coming back to use them.

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Are you using your laundry space efficiently?  Do you know how many washers and dryers you need? Do you know what the best rate to charge is?  Let us help you determine the best use of your laundry facilities.  Contact us today for a better laundry room tomorrow. Our number is 1-866-426-4662.  We look forward to hearing form you in the very near future.

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